OVBA General Meeting, Sept. 19 – How to make sense of your merchant processing statement and reduce costs

Local business owners are invited along with members to the next OVBA meeting on Thursday, Sept 19th at Noon at the Huntsville library.  The cost is $5 for OVBA members and $10 for non-OVBA members, which includes lunched served by Jackson Fork Inn.  Please RSVP to terry @ ovba.org by September 16th.

Join Larry Julian, who has been in the merchant processing industry for 14 years with many certifications and over 300 hours of training.  The information that will be covered incudes: What are junk fees and where are they hidden? What is PCI compliance and should I be paying for it? How do I correctly run cards to ensure the lowest rate? How does the Durbin Amendment affect your business? What are surcharges and why am I paying them?
The mission of The Ogden Valley Business Association is to promote and support member businesses of Ogden Valley and Ogden Canyon by providing opportunities for improving commerce, to be an economic resource for the betterment of our community and its visitors, and by fostering a robust economic climate, through the promotion of our natural and cultural resources.

For more information visit www.ovba.org. For Ogden Valley Tourism, visit www. visitogdenvalley.com/

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