OVBA Spotlight: Original Dee Home, Now Ogden Canyon’s Gray Cliff Lodge Restaurant

By Justin Yates

Steve and Jody Sniggs are the proud owners of the distinguished Gray Cliff Lodge Restaurant, located just five miles up Ogden Canyon, nestled right below the beautiful gray cliffs that rest above. In the summer, the Lodge dwells quaintly among the trees which sway in the cool breezes of the canyon. In winter, its cozy presence, snug against the canyon wall, provides warmth and sustenance for all. The Lodge also possesses a compelling history which impresses the heart and mind of each new visitor. The Sniggs gladly recount the building’s history, which includes the story of the Thomas Dee family, to any interested guests.

To be used as a summer home, the building was erected in 1912 by the Dee family, a family whose name has been revered in the Ogden area for many years. The Dee family made many significant contributions to Ogden and were one of the key contributors that led to the establishment of the Mckay-Dee Hospital Center.     

The Dee family eventually sold the home in 1932 to the Greenwell family, who during their stay, entertained guests and made dinners for groups of people. It wasn’t long until the house became an official restaurant in 1945. In 1965, Steve’s parents bought the Lodge, and it has been in their family until today.  

As customers presently visit the one-hundred-year-old restaurant, they are able to imagine how things were back in the day, for example, how the main dining room used to be the original Dee family room, where all in the household would come together and mingle. Then they can hear the stories of how that same room later became a common room for weary travelers when the Greenwells used the home as a boarding house before it became a restaurant. Or how the porch, which has since been enclosed and is now used as a dining area, was a place where the Dees, and later the Greenwells, would sit together after a hard day’s work and enjoy a summer’s evening.   

The most recent addition to the restaurant is a collection of snow skis dating back to the 1800s that neighbor Nick Breeze has set up in the bar. The collection includes skis that were used by miners to travel from mine to mine in the winter, as well as skis that were used by the military during WWII.

Steve and Jody are members of the Ogden Valley Business Association (OVBA), and they have enjoyed their membership therein. This group of businesses has been a great benefit to the Ogden Valley and Ogden Canyon.  The Sniggs have observed that the members of the Association support each other, helping businesses to succeed and better serve their visitors and customers.

Steve and Jody’s favorite part of running the Gray Cliff Lodge is being able to please people and provide them with an enjoyable, “cozy and relaxed (Gray Cliff)” experience for just about any size of group.  Some of their featured menu items include lamb chops, steaks, chicken, prime rib, fresh mountain trout, and homemade cinnamon rolls and pie. All are prepared in the traditional “Gray Cliff” way.

The Sniggs live next door to Gray Cliff Lodge and treat it like home. They constantly provide for its upkeep and preserve the same spirit of love and service that has existed in the home since it was built.

 For directions, history, the full menu, and more, visit www.grayclifflodge.com.  To learn more about other OVBA Member Businesses, visit www.ovba.org.

OVBA Spotlight: Copy Center in Eden Provides Ogden Valley Residents One More Reason to Stay Close to Home

by Justin Yates

When Jim Ormsbee, owner of the Elkridge Copy Center, visited the Ogden Valley and camped at the Monte Cristo campground, he fell in love with the area thirteen years ago. “Beautiful,” he thought, and he moved in with his family.

Having been licensed as a Professional Engineer for over 30 years, Jim established himself as a civil engineer, forming Elkridge Engineering in the Ogden Valley.   He has participated in the coordination of various engineering projects.

Jim has known success and has done well over the years, for the most part. Two years ago, however, he was feeling the effects of the economic situation; business was somewhat slow in the engineering department. That is when Lisa Karam Fuller, then executive director of the OVBA (Ogden Valley Business Association), approached Jim needing some copies done using his personal copy machine. Lisa then proceeded to say something which, and little did Jim realize at the time, would result in a somewhat significant change in the lives of the Ormsbees. She suggested that Jim and his wife start a copy and print business using the equipment they had at the time: two copiers, a wide format color poster printer, and a few other little odds and ends.

Having been a stay-at-home mother of nine, and determined to maintain her place “at home,” Betty, Jim’s wife, agreed with the idea and has since worked as the manager alongside Jim for the up-keep and success of the “close-enough-to-home” business. Jim says the best thing about operating the business is being able to meet and associate with customers, although he admits that it is his wife who really makes the place blossom.  Betty has ability to befriend others and make them feel welcome and that is a pleasant complement to Jim’s rigorous duties as an engineer.

Elkridge Copy Center is the Ogden Valley’s only one, which serves the locals, some occasional tourists, and many of the members of the OVBA. For instance, Jim has helped a number of local restaurants such as Harley and Buck’s and Huntsville Barbecue Company by printing their menus and flyers. He has also provided supplies for Peterson Builders, Grass Plus, and S&S Excavating.

Jim said that if it weren’t for the OVBA and their support, input, and business his Copy Center wouldn’t be here today. For that, he is grateful. His own involvement with the OVBA has been extensive. In 2008, he served as the association’s chair, and today he remains a happy and productive member. He keeps himself busy and works double duty, on the one hand supervising engineering projects and, on the other, maintaining with his wife the Copy Center. They often receive help in running the business from their two youngest children, a son, Stephen, and a daughter, Alicia.
Jim’s business continues to expand, and services and equipment are being added to better serve customers and keep residents from having to make an extra trip to Ogden for their printing needs. The following is a list of some of the services that are offered: black and white and color printing, faxing, and laminating, the production of posters, menus, flyers, booklets, directories, bindings, and more. They sell various products ranging from ballpoint pens and paper clips to batteries, stamps, and hand sanitizer, as well.

The Elkridge Copy Center is located just as you come into Eden, right at the crossroads and across from Carlos and Harley’s and The Shop Around the Corner. Jim says the Valley needs the gradual addition of businesses to accommodate for the gradual growth in the Valley, and he is grateful that his business has been a contributor to that endeavor.    

To learn more about the Elkridge Copy Center, go online to
www.elkridge-engineering.com/copy-center.html .  To learn more about other OVBA Member Businesses, visit www.ovba.org.

Social Media Success Education, Huntsville, UT

The Ogden Valley Business Association Invites Local Businesses to Learn The Five Steps to Social Media Success

 Local business owners are invited along with members to the next OVBA meeting on Thursday, February 16th at noon at the Ogden Valley Branch of the Weber County Library in Huntsville.  The cost is $5 for OVBA members and $10 for non-OVBA members, which includes lunch served by Carlos and Harley’s.  Please RSVP to terry @ ovba.org by February 13th to ensure lunch availability.

Megan Pratt of FORTHGEAR will present “Five Steps to Social Media Success.”  Social media may have started as just another trend, but it’s now considered a valuable part of any company’s overall marketing strategy. Take advantage of social media tools that can help your business connect with customers, create brand loyalists, and spread awareness of your company and its products. The presentation will outline FORTHGEAR’s unique 5-step approach to social media, guiding you through the initial process of creating and implementing a successful social media strategy. 

The mission of The Ogden Valley Business Association is to promote and support member businesses of Ogden Valley and Ogden Canyon by providing opportunities for improving commerce, to be an economic resource for the betterment of our community and its visitors, and by fostering a robust economic climate, through the promotion of our natural and cultural resources.

 For more information about the OVBA visit www.ovba.org