An AdamBarkerPhotographyWorkshop
September 21-23, 2012

The OVBA, in partnership with AdamBarkerPhotography, is pleased to announce the 2012 OGDEN VALLEY FALL PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP.  This intensive weekend of outdoor and indoor sessions will help attendees to create those 5-star images of this gorgeous season. Utah’s own Adam Barker will conduct this workshop, sure to be the first of many in the beautiful Ogden Valley. Read more about Adam and join us for an inspiring weekend. Here is what people are saying about his workshops:

“Having participated in workshops with different professional photographers over the years, I continue to believe that Adam’s approach to teaching is truly unique. During my personal workshop, he revealed a unique ability to teach me a new way of looking at this beautiful three dimensional world and how best to capture that in a two dimensional medium.  Photographic concepts and techniques I had been reading about for years in books finally came to light for me. As a bonus, his fun positive attitude and passion for photography is infectious!” Steve Schaefer

“I attended Adam’s fall color workshop in Utah’s Wasatch mountains.  Although I have lived here for 30 years Adam showed me places I have never seen before and taught me new techniques for capturing images of the of the place I love.  Great informative weekend.”  Kit Smith

For more details and to register, go to http://www.utahfallcolors.com/photo. Please pass this message on to friends and family who may be interested.  This is going to be great!

OVBA Spotlight: Successful Home Caretaker Considered as “The Boutique of the Business”

By Justin Yates

          When SharRee Lowe, of Lowe’s Property Specialties, Inc., says, “It’s all about quality,” she means what she says. Her quest for quality is accentuated by her desire to add her own “personal touch.” Everyone knows when SharRee has overseen the work. For, when it is done, it looks clean, immaculate, and “personal.” Her final touch and trademark is a bouquet of flowers left for the “welcome home,” after she has performed the final walk-through. She has been described as “the boutique of the business.” Her ultimate wish is for her customers to be impressed.

          As a mother of three, SharRee not only knows how to tenderly care for her own little ones, but she also knows how to treat her customers’ homes as her own. SharRee oversees the care of multiple properties in the Ogden Valley. She becomes the homeowners’ eyes and ears when they are away, making sure the homes are secure and safe. She is responsible for any maintenance issues, including snow removal, cleaning, and event planning upon request.

          To maintain her identity as an elite property specialist, SharRee hires out local, trusted and quality sub-contractors to do exceptional work. This work might include landscaping, cleaning, and plumbing. However, if need be, she’s “not afraid to be hands on.” SharRee has no need to advertise. Business usually comes simply by word of mouth, because the reputation of her business speaks for itself. To her, gaining new customers is gaining new friends.

          Besides running her own business, she has managed Nordic Mountain Water for eight years. She also manages the Elk Run commercial building in Eden, and she works as a part-time server at Harley and Buck’s at Wolf Creek Utah Resort. Despite all of this, she manages to spend a significant amount of time at home with her family, for which she is grateful. Her husband, Norm, has also been a big help in making everything possible.

          In addition to being a successful business owner, SharRee has been an active member of the Ogden Valley Business Association (OVBA) for several years. Her efforts in the organization have been exceptional. This is her second term as the Association’s treasurer and a member of the Board of Directors. Her business was recognized as the OVBA Volunteer Business of the Year for 2011 for the outstanding sacrifice and service she has offered. She appreciates the opportunity to serve and take part as a member business. The opportunity to be a member is an opportunity to coordinate with local businesses, share ideas, and meet new people. She wants other businesses in the area who are not currently members to know that membership helps with exposure, better promotions, and improved recognition.

          SharRee continues to work hard and enjoys what she does. She will soon receive her real estate license, manifesting her ongoing quest for excellence. She can be found on the OVBA website, www.OVBA.org. There, visitors will also find information on additional member businesses, discounts, and the complete list of membership benefits.

Social Media Marketing in 20 Minutes per Day

Local business owners are invited along with members to the next OVBA meeting on Thursday, June 21st  at noon at the Ogden Valley Branch of the Weber County Library in Huntsville.  The cost is $5 for OVBA members and $10 for non-OVBA members, which includes lunch served by Alpine Pizza.  Please RSVP to terry @ ovba.org by June 18th  to ensure lunch availability.

The Ogden Valley Business Association invites local businesses to learn how to take care of their online social media marketing in just 20 minutes per day. Dakota Hyde will present principles and tips to start or improve a social media campaigns for small businesses. He will explain the importance of building an online persona to increase brand awareness through social media. The focus of the presentation will be on tools including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. He will give tips to keep a constant and consistent stream of content using the help of free social media managing dashboards, and explain the basics of monitoring social media analytics. This interactive presentation will allow questions from the audience. Dakota Hyde has a B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising with a Marketing Emphasis, and is a Sales Representative and Social Media Manager for Bonnie & Hyde Inc.

The mission of The Ogden Valley Business Association is to promote and support member businesses of Ogden Valley and Ogden Canyon by providing opportunities for improving commerce, to be an economic resource for the betterment of our community and its visitors, and by fostering a robust economic climate, through the promotion of our natural and cultural resources.

For more information visit www.ovba.org

OVBA Spotlight: Nearly 20 Years of Quality Landscaping Earns Grass Plus, Inc. a Trustworthy and Reliable Reputation

by Justin Yates

          The landscape couldn’t be more beautiful when combining Grass Plus, Inc. with Utah’s Ogden Valley. As a full-scale landscaping company, Grass Plus, Inc. has had its headquarters in Ogden Valley since 2003 and has been doing business since 1993. They have gone far and wide, expanding their reach to many areas in Utah. They have also done work in several surrounding states. Wherever they have been, Grass Plus, Inc. has been “oohing” and “awing” customers and passersby over the years with their landscape designs and gorgeous work. They go the extra mile, put forth that additional effort, and incorporate their unique and unprecedented touch wherever they go. Needless to say, they have fun while doing it. With a reputation that has won the trust of many, they can tell you with a smile and confidence that shines with vigor, “In the end you’ll be happy with what you have.”
          Chris (Christine) and Travis Poulson are the owners and originators of Grass Plus, Inc. Born and raised in Eden, UT, Travis started doing landscape work when he was sixteen. By eighteen, he was doing out-of-state projects. He eventually met Chris, and they were married soon after. In time they were employed at a local landscaping company, Chris at the desk and Travis out on the job.  However, having the blood of determination and spunk in their veins, they set off on a wing and a prayer to start on their own. On May 15, 1993, with just one residential and two industrial projects lined up, they began. The rest is history.

          One of Grass Plus’s trademarks is their dedication to quality, which evidently rubs off on people.  Chris, who is president of the company, asserts that taking the easy and cheap way out is not their style: “We’re definitely a no-cut-corner company.” The evidence speaks just as loudly: the majority of their work comes from word-of-mouth referrals, and not from being listed as the lowest bid. Their motto is “Setting the Standard,” and they certainly practice what they preach.
          Grass Plus, Inc. doesn’t hire subcontractors, so they can work with customers directly and make sure everything is done right and in accordance with the standard. They do rock walls, water falls, river beds, fire pits, excavating, maintenance, seeding, reclamation, general landscaping, and patios, just to name a few. They have also helped with several state projects.

          Grass Plus members get to share their artistic talents with customers. They help in the designing and creation of landscapes that people will experience for years to come. “To us, work is fun,” admits Amy, Travis’s sister and corporate secretary of the company. Chris loves being able to drive by completed projects and know they had a part in it: “It is extremely rewarding, especially when homeowners are happy with you.” Most customers have enough confidence in Grass Plus that they can say, “just make it pretty,” and it is done. One couple, The Wongs, with a residence at Bear Lake, ID, trusted Grass Plus to complete their homestead project while they were away. When it was time to return, The Wongs came back to a work of art that exceeded their expectations. Mrs. Wong later said, “I can’t believe that what was in my mind was out there.”
          Grass Plus, Inc. is a member of the Ogden Valley Business Association (OVBA). As one of the first OVBA members, Grass Plus has long contributed to the reputation of honesty, hard work, and great quality of life that is found in Ogden Valley and OVBA businesses. They appreciate the networking and advertising opportunities they have been given as members. They also observe that OVBA members join together to collaborate, share services, and educate one another, as well as participate in various charitable and fundraising efforts. As far as Ogden Valley is concerned, Grass Plus speaks for all OVBA businesses, when they say they strive to “make it a better place.”

Photo: Amy, Chris, and Travis

          To learn more about Grass Plus, Inc. and their services, and to view photos and video of their completed projects, visit www.Grassplusinc.com. To learn more about other OVBA businesses, visit www.OVBA.org.

HAFB Spring Expo – Successful OVBA Booth

Christy Tew and Barbara McConvill

The Spring Expo at Hill Air Force Base on May 9th was a great opportunity to introduce Military and Contractor personnel to the Ogden Valley and Canyon.  We were too busy to take pictures while talking to several hundred people that stopped at our booth, but this shot at the end shows our table along side Harley & Buck’s table.  Craig Bonham of Harley and Buck’s conducted two cooking demonstrations during the Expo to a packed room.  Many thanks to our booth volunteers, Marla Mott-Smith Bowers, Sue Munson and Pam Mitchell, as well as Christy Tew, representing Harley & Buck’s as well as the OVBA.  The four women made a great tag team talking up the Ogden Valley and Canyon, while serving Raspberry Lemonade (courtesy of Harley & Buck’s) to visitors.  Christy Tew has reached out to the new Outdoor Recreation Coordinator to show him the Valley and recreational opportunities for HAFB employees and Military.  We have already provided him with two boxes of our publications.

The OVBA also provided a prize drawing package with more than $1,000 worth of gift certificates and items to a lucky attendee winner.  Many thanks to these companies for their donations:

Lakeside Resort Properties:  Two-Night Condo Stay
Wolf Creek Foundation:  Season Pass to Music in the Mountains, Hoodie and Ball Cap.
Gray Cliff Lodge Restaurant:  Dinner & Sunday Brunch for Two
Snowbasin Resort: Two Summer Gondola Passes
The Oaks Casual Eatery:  Two $25 Gift Cards
Harley & Buck’s Wednesday Rib Dinner for Two
$50 Spa Gift Certificate from Events Unlimited and Community Association Consultants
$25 Chic Style Clothing Stores Gift Certificate
Powder Mountain: 2 T-shirts and 2 Ball Caps
Bonnie & Hyde Inc: 2 Rossignal shirts

OVBA Spotlight: Ogden Valley Real Estate to Benefit From Distinguished Broker’s Experience and Commitment to Ethics

by Justin Yates

          Since 1988, Joseph Jedrowicz has been involved in the real estate business, believing right from the start that being ethical is the number one priority. Within a few months, he will be moving to the Ogden Valley from North Ogden and will run his Mountain Country Realty business from home. Due to his hard work, integrity, and driving passion he has gone far and learned much. He has worked many years for RE/MAX, the world’s number one real estate name. He has been the recipient of several awards and has been named as Broker Owner of the Year. He bought his first title company in 1997 and served there as president for nine years.
          Twenty-four years ago, Joe was living with his wife in Baltimore, Maryland. At that time, he began his work as a sales associate in the real estate business. Eight years later, in 1994, he visited the Ogden Valley for the first time and was stunned by its breathtaking beauty. Ever since, he has considered it one of the most beautiful places in the United States. He has longed to call it home, and today that is becoming a reality.
          He and his family moved to North Ogden in 2009. There, Joe continued to work for RE/MAX, maintaining property and business in both Maryland and Utah. More recently, Joe worked for Prudential Utah Real Estate, but has now decided to work independently and start his own real estate business as a professional, licensed broker.
          Joe’s main focus is to help people with their real estate decisions while giving them the peace of mind of knowing they are working with someone whom they can trust and who will work in favor of their best interest. He loves to complete successful transactions, ones that will not only benefit his clients now but also in the long run. “When everybody wins, it’s fun,” he says. “If it’s not fun, I’m not doing it.”

          For nearly three years, Joe has been a member of the Ogden Valley Business Association (OVBA). He recognizes the good the OVBA has done for people and the businesses that comprise it. He affirms that one beneficial aspect of OVBA membership, among others, is the exposure it brings to businesses, especially from internet marketing. The popular tourist websites Go-utah.com and Utah.com, for example, often advertise OVBA services and events. This kind of exposure, Joe believes, is the key to driving people to the Valley. As a nonprofit organization, the OVBA also values integrity, and Joe is glad to be a member.
          Joe is excited for the future of real estate in Utah and his opportunity to help it move forward effectively. Though he knows there are those who seek success by cutting ethical corners, he believes that success can be achieved while being completely ethical: “You gotta have ethics,” he says. “Professional standards are paramount.”

          Joe is a friendly, happy individual, eager to help people and teach them about buying, selling, or taking care of homes. He even has great stories to tell from the experiences he has gained throughout the years.  

          Find Joe on http://www.ovba.org/, as well as information on all OVBA member businesses, including discounts, contests, and events.

OVBA Spotlight: Local Business Woman, Reverend, and Therapist Never Ceasing in Service

By Justin Yates
          For as long as Sharon Lewis has lived in the Ogden Valley, she has continued to do what she enjoys most—helping others to be happy and to feel good physically. Sharon manages three of her own businesses, which are all located in the Ogden Valley: Healing Hands of Eden, Reverend Sharon Lewis, and Ogden Valley Treasures. 

As an experienced massage therapist, having specialized in the profession for nineteen years, Sharon provides quality therapy for local residents and visitors. She brings her services directly to the customer’s own home, condo, or hotel. When occasionally demand requires it, she will team up with two or three other massage therapists to accommodate for larger groups. Her therapy provides relief from tension and soreness in the body. For example, skiers can benefit from this after a long day of skiing. Her massages can also sooth pain that comes from injuries, headaches, and chronic conditions. Her Healing Hands website, www.sharonlewismassagetherapist.com, is a great source to learn more in depth about the kinds of massages she gives.

          Sharon has been an ordained reverend for nine years, and during that time she has helped many couples experience their dream wedding, in addition to officiating at other kinds of ceremonies. The weddings she performs are tailored to the unique circumstances and needs of each couple. Sharon’s desire is to allow them greater flexibility than they would normally have in the traditional marriage setting. For example, she allows couples to plan and personalize their own wedding ceremonies, which proceed in accordance with their own personal convictions. A number of couples who were married by Reverend Lewis have written her and expressed their gratitude and joy for having her be the one to make their marriage a reality: “You did such a beautiful job uniting us in just the way we had wanted it,” one couple expressed. Another couple, whose marriage was performed in Snow Canyon, UT, was pleased with how well Sharon had conformed to their wishes: “We hired Sharon to perform our ceremony and were impressed by the wide range of ceremonies available. Planning our wedding was easy, thanks to Sharon. She is resourceful and prompt with help and advice, and made our wedding a dream to plan.” Sharon provides a variety of different options and services pertaining to weddings and ceremonies. These, as well as some great photos, can be found on her website, www.revsharonlewis.com.


          Ogden Valley Treasures is Sharon’s third and most recently developed business. Launched in August of 2011 as a non-profit classified ad website, it provides individual people and other businesses a place for listing ads, products, and services. She believes her site will make it so people in the Valley will not have to travel to Ogden or Salt Lake to find what they are looking for. It is a simple and easy classified website to locate and to use: www.ogdenvalleytreasures.com. People can list for free.
          Though Sharon did not grow up in Utah, she has come to love the area, especially the Ogden Valley, and also the people. In addition to her businesses, she serves in two volunteer service organizations, the first, an organization for rescuing and raising basset hounds (www.UFBH.org), and the second, an organization for helping Native Americans in the Navajo Reservation (www.anelder.org).  She is a member of the Ogden Valley Business Association (OVBA) and helps, with the other members of the Association, to contribute to the needs of the residents and those visiting the Valley. Sharon lives in Liberty with her husband and three beautiful basset hounds.

To learn more about other OVBA Member Businesses, visit www.ovba.org.

OVBA Spotlight: Simply Eden Gives People a Chance to Live Again

by Justin Yates
          Athena Steadman, owner and creator of Simply Eden Bath and Body, decided several years ago that she wanted to change her life for the better. She had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and had to quit her job. With her health suffering, but with the resolution to improve her situation, she made a decision that she would change the way she ate and took care of her body. She concluded that the best way to do that was to go natural, to go back to the way things used to be, before the age of processed foods, harmful chemicals, and life-destroying ingredients. She began to cook homemade meals with natural ingredients and to research natural health products, such as soaps and lotions.
          Before long, Athena began making her own soap. She had become tired of using commercial soaps, which irritated her skin. While living in Eden, she had acquired a small collection of Nigerian Dwarf Goats, goats that produce milk high in vitamins and nutrients and rich in cream. She used the milk not only as a refreshing, organic beverage, but also as an ingredient for her soap, to make it soft, mild, and healthy.

          Born into a family with entrepreneurial genes, Athena decided to start her own business and share with others her knowledge about the effects of commercial health products. She was eager to help others and provide them with a product that would contribute to an improved lifestyle by going back to the basics, as it had done for her.



          Today, Athena successfully continues her business, making all of her products by hand at her own home in Eden. She has since expanded her product selection (many of which are also made with goat milk), adding lotions, face creams, lip balm, body mousse, body butter, soap dishes made out of bamboo, and more, including her unique and popular soap cakes, all made in her own Simply Eden way.   


          Athena loves what she does. She is very passionate about her business, her goats, and helping others. She says that one of her favorite things about running the business is when people come to her and say that it was at Simply Eden where they finally found the right product, when other products had not worked.


          Athena is a first-year member of the Ogden Valley Business Association (OVBA), a nonprofit business organization dedicated to helping Ogden Valley businesses join together for the betterment of the community and the lives of those who come to visit. While being a member, Athena has benefitted from the great support that the OVBA gives. She has enjoyed the classes that they have offered to help her succeed, and she is grateful for the networking opportunities that have come while being a member.
          Athena’s products can be purchased at The Shop Around the Corner (Formerly Dottie Becks) in Old Town Eden and from her website www.simplyeden.com, which has a complete listing of all her products. To learn more about other OVBA Member Businesses, visit www.ovba.org.

Marketing 101 – Basics to jump-start your business


The Ogden Valley Business Association Invites Local Businesses to Learn Marketing 101 – Basics to jump-start your business!

Local business owners are invited along with members to the next OVBA meeting on Thursday, May 17th at noon at the Ogden Valley Branch of the Weber County Library in Huntsville.  The cost is $5 for OVBA members and $10 for non-OVBA members, which includes lunch served by Harley and Bucks.

Whether you are a new venture or on ongoing entity it never hurts to analyze the Marketing basics and make sure you are on game. This session will help you evaluate your product/service, customer demographics/psychographics, price point, market, competition, distribution AND then help give you the tools to develop a promotion plan.

With over 24 years of experience, Christy Leth Tew has the knowledge to help you do a snapshot overview of advertising, your website, direct and electronic mail, P.R., events, promotional items, CRM Database, testimonials and presentation materials and how to capitalize on your industry expertise.

The mission of The Ogden Valley Business Association is to promote and support member businesses of Ogden Valley and Ogden Canyon by providing opportunities for improving commerce, to be an economic resource for the betterment of our community and its visitors, and by fostering a robust economic climate, through the promotion of our natural and cultural resources.

For more information visit www.ovba.org

OVBA Meeting on Hiring Interns

The Ogden Valley Business Association Invites Local Businesses to Learn about Hiring an Intern through the Weber School District

Local business owners are invited along with members to the next OVBA meeting on Thursday, April 19th at noon at the Ogden Valley Branch of the Weber County Library in Huntsville.  The cost is $5 for OVBA members and $10 for non-OVBA members, which includes lunch served by Huntsville Barbecue Company.  Please RSVP to terry @ ovba.org by April 16th to ensure lunch availability.

Jeffery Meyer and Quincey Pearce from the Weber School District Intern Program will present “How Your Business can Hire an Intern.”  The Student Internship Program builds a relationship between high schools and community organizations such as businesses, professional associations, cultural institutions, government agencies and medical facilities.  Internships are an ideal way to increase the capabilities of a small staff, and they require little additional investment.

The mission of The Ogden Valley Business Association is to promote and support member businesses of Ogden Valley and Ogden Canyon by providing opportunities for improving commerce, to be an economic resource for the betterment of our community and its visitors, and by fostering a robust economic climate, through the promotion of our natural and cultural resources.

For more information visit www.ovba.org.